hi from tropical bolton

bolton sparks
19th August 2009, 21:32
marconi sparks (fleetwood nautical college) from '71 to '86 before the long expected chop.
stagline, bankline and ellermans amongst others.
finished with three trips on thorseggen on canada/us west coast.
are there any sites to find crew lists and individual ships trips? memory not what it was. thanks

Don Matheson
19th August 2009, 21:56
Welcome to this great site Bolton Sparks, hope you enjoy it.
The companies you mentioned sailing with are mentioned on here regularly so if you do remember your name I am sure someone will remember you.


K urgess
19th August 2009, 22:11
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire.
Plenty of us knocking about the ship and a radio room to hide in.
Find your way around and have a good trip.

19th August 2009, 22:19
Welcome from another part of Lancashire - I hope you will enjoy the site.

19th August 2009, 22:38
Welcome aboard from the philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer