19th September 2005, 19:05
Hi Everyone, I was A Motor Tech,retired now .Hobbies, Shipping since age of 10yrs abt, nw 60yrs,other interest amateur radio forlast12 yrs. 73

19th September 2005, 23:27
Hello gOvut, a warm welcome to the site I hope it brings you a lot of enjoyment as it does us. You will find plenty of ex R/Os here.

Doug Rogers
20th September 2005, 04:10
Welcome aboard, enjoy the site and the membership, any questions just ask.

20th September 2005, 10:18
Welcome to the site Govut, i am sure that you will enjoy it and the banter.

20th September 2005, 22:12
welcome to the site new myself just feeling my way about cheers 73 gw8yuj