Transmanche Ferries Cote D Albatre

19th September 2005, 20:53
Here's a link to a site which shows the new Transmanche ferry being launched.
So great to see her at last and can't wait for her to start service.

24th October 2005, 21:50
It will be a big day for the line - first newbuilding since Senlac (UK) in 1973. Before that you have to go back to Villandry and Valencay (FR, 1965), Lisieux (FR, 1953) and Brighton (UK, 1950). Don't get many new builds here, even our first car ferry, Falaise, was 18 years old by the time she got here!
Let's hope she and her sister ship Seven Sisters usher in a new era for the line.
Andy G (*))

15th January 2006, 13:39
According to the nice, friendly man in the Newhaven lifeboat station Cote D'Albatre will be arriving at Newhaven on Tuesday 28th March. Although like all dates, this could well change nearer the time.

I can't wait! It's just a shame that I can't get down there on Tuesday night to see it so I will have to wait until the weekend :(

17th January 2006, 01:31
I'll put that in the diary and be ready with the camera, then. First brand new ship on the N/D service since Senlac (1973). Before that you have to go back to 1965 for Villandry and Valencay in 1965. Then back to the 50's for Brighton(VI) and Lisieux.

Yes, we get a lot of newbuildings down here! LOL (*))

Andy G

26th February 2006, 18:31
The cote d' Albatre.on Ais is at this moment off of le Havre.

26th February 2006, 18:34
Aha, the thick plottens, as they say!

How did you find out where she was, and is she anchored or on the way here?

There's another thread labelled Newhaven Dieppe, where we've been looking for her. Could you post back there?

Andy G