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23rd August 2009, 22:16
Hi All,
My Name is George Stables. I have just joined this site and I would like some info on a ship I served on as 6th engineer back in 1962. It was the MV Matua and it sailed out of Auckland to various destinations. I am having trouble finding a photo of her on this website as I did come across some ex-crew who were talking about her but I cant seem to locate them again. Can anyone help or re-direct me to the part of this site they were chatting in.As you may have guessed I am also fairly new to computers. Cheers.

23rd August 2009, 22:27
MATUA Flag.NZL. Grt.4193. SP16k. Built 1`936 by Hawthorn Leslie.Hebburn. renamed 1968 SULTAN KL. scrapped Kaohsiung 1970.
some great pics of her at this site.

23rd August 2009, 22:53
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

K urgess
23rd August 2009, 23:14
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, George.
There's some chat about MATUA here -
Find your way around the ship and enjoy the trip.

24th August 2009, 03:10
Typing 'Images TSMZ Matua' into Google [without the 's] will give you many hits, George. My mother & siblings continued our evacuation from Nei'afu in 1942, joining her at Nuku'alofa. Our father remained behind for six months in some sort of defence force. The passage from Nei'afu was in a schooner & I remember well the weeping, wailing & seasickness of those in the hold. The albatrosses swooping round the Matua, the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva with it's turbaned, barefoot waiters & the magnificent sight of the Auckland Museum's greek temple facade, glowing in the rays of the rising sun as we moved up the Waitemata harbour are fond memories.

24th August 2009, 10:11
Greetings George and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

Jim sargent
25th August 2009, 02:50
Hi George,
Have a look at Oceania Shipping forum ...plenty of ex-Matua men there.
All the best,
Jim Sargent

25th August 2009, 20:33
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

25th August 2009, 22:36
Welcome from Lancashire - I hope you will enjoy the site.