11th October 2018, 19:34
Does anyone have any photographs of the Radio Room of the Langkloof - S A Langkloof/ ZSHI. I regret never having taken any during my long spell as RO 1965 - 67 ?

This was Durban early 1966, with 3rd Mate Ian Steven-Jennings inspecting something.


18th November 2018, 00:14
Very dangerous ships those S.A ones. On a warm early afternoon whilst exiting Avonmouth en route to Liverpool the S.A. Morgentsta took it into her head to rake us all along the starboard side for no reason whatsoever thereby delaying our hopes of getting to the Legs of Man pub in Liverpool in time for some action. She had a pilot on board and a tug in attendance so I can only put her action down to sheer spite. Don,t know who got sacked that day but somebody should have been.