Alcantara No 148151 (Royal Mail Lines )

17th October 2018, 15:51
Hello ,this is my first post in the Forum . I have discovered that my late Mother-in Law Hilda Kathleen Turner was listed as arriving in Liverpool 2nd February in 1945 on the Alcantara no 148151 from Bombay .having left Bombay January 1945. I see from researching the history of this ship that it had been an Ocean Liner up until 1939 when it was requisitioned and converted into an armed Merchant Cruiser with anti-aircraft guns put in place. My questions for the experts here ,bearing in mind i am a complete novice ! ----Why from Bombay ,this does not seem the normal shipping route,is this unusual for a civilian to be travelling on board a ship such as this at this time ?-----Also my late father in law was a soldier (full time ) serving with the Royal Artillery he served in the Western Dessert and Middle East from about 1942 ,was wounded went missing then later registered as a POW in Italy in 1943 ,then sent to a Stalag in Germany as a POW -----so i am trying to work out why was she sailing from Bombay ? from Liverpool she travelled to Norfolk to stay with her parents .She was reunited with Harry as they went onto have a child who was ,my late husband ,in 1948 . Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated ,thank you everyone . CaroleR