J.BULLOCK60. Dover in world war one

28th October 2018, 17:38
Hello! I am a new member.

I am interested in the port of Dover during world war one.

What do we know about the shore establishments Attentive 11 and Attentive 111? What went on at 23 Waterloo Crescent, Dover?

My grandfather, Joseph Matson, served on the Dover station as an engineer on board the Hull trawler HMT Agate (H2) for most of the war. Do we have access to crew lists particularly in the spring of 1918 when Agate was wrecked by a mine in the English Channel? I am also looking for a photograph of the Agate

Any help would of course be gratefully received. I have my grandfather's war record which I would freely share

Best wishes


jg grant
28th October 2018, 18:29
Hi Joe from NZ. You'll get a reply or two I'm sure in due course. Welcome to the site.

Roger Griffiths
28th October 2018, 18:42
This old thread may give you some answers
Be sure to look at the thumbnails.

2nd November 2018, 17:04
Thanks very much for your prompt reply. The thread you mentioned corresponds more or less to what I had gathered from the Navy Lists for Dec 1918 and 1919 along with my grandfather's service record. He was demobilised from Attentive 3 on 15.7.1919 which cuts across the idea that Attentives 2 and 3 were amalgamated earlier in 1919 and the Navy List entries which show them as separate until their disbandment in July/August 1919. Notwithstanding the "log" for HMS (S crossed out T inserted!) Attentive 3, I would take some convincing that Seaward Ho was ever renamed Attentive 3. The Navy Lists show them separate to the end. However details I guess!

I am stlIl searching for crew lists for HMTrawlers based in Dover during WW1 and for a photograph of HMT Agate (Hull reg. H2). I would be grateful for any ideas of how I might proceed with either of these.

Thanks again