newbie alert :)

15th November 2018, 23:00
Hi Guys,
just joined the forum and wanted to say hello,
I've been compiling the family tree's over the last few years and was hoping to get some advise.
I have 3 guys i'm interested in,
Granddad Harvey, my dads dad, #951786 ( I have all 3 of his discharge books charting his career from Sailor 23/3/18 to 1st mate 3/7/53 then Chief Officer 22/12/53
are 1st mate and chief officer the same thing? 2nd mate and 2nd officer seems to be used interchangeably throughout the book.
I would love to find out which convoys he was in, and any info about what happened on those convoys? are these achievable goals? and if so any ideas where to start?
Poppa - my Mums granddad, served on SS Stockwell as an engineer, left the service as he didn't like being away from his wife and family, became chief engineer of the local power station, would love to find out what ships and wheres he's been, could I get a copy of his discharge book?
and the one i'm really interested in,
Uncle Harry, Poppas brother, sadly he was only ever known as "Uncle harry died at sea" when my mum grew up, I've started a thread on him and the MV abosso, again i'm interested in which convoys he was on but don't have a discharge number for him.

Roger Griffiths
16th November 2018, 10:53
Hello again,

Granddad Harvey and convoys he sailed in. If you have his discharge books you should have the names of the vessels he sailed on 1939-45
Have a look here. and here

Poppa - Mums granddad.
Doubtfull you will get hold of his discharge book.
If all you have for him is that he served on STOCKWELL O/N133565 then you would need to know the dates he was on board.
some more useful sites.