Aberdovey Class

21st November 2018, 19:00
I building a Aberdovey Class tender as a modellship. I have found only one colour picture of the ship... is the color for the ship right? Hull Black
,White stripe, deck green(?) superstructure buff? My building is the 1975-1985 period. My earler modellship was a clovelly Class.
Was any of the boats in the Falklandswar? Wath was the colour then?
I hope someone can help me.

Barrie Youde
21st November 2018, 19:06
Once I owned a GP 14 sailng dinghy, identification of which was by the Bell of Aberdovey on the mainsail.

Is there another type of vessel identified as "Aberdovey Class"?

Please let us know more.

21st November 2018, 20:58
HI! The ship belong to "Royal Fleet Auxiliary" and I hope I am in the right forum.

Barrie Youde
21st November 2018, 21:09
Thank you, Rawen.

You certainly are in the right forum.

The knowledge of the membership here is encyclopaedic!

21st November 2018, 21:43
Sounds great! It is the "normal" problem when I buy a ship drawing and start to build... The right color...and then my second problem. I want to put more and more details on the ship, lanterns ,interior lights , interior, "working" radar....
When I at last is finish I try the ship in the pond once, and then start my next projekt....

24th November 2018, 12:59
You are in the wrong section Aberdovey was not part of the RFA, it was operated by the RMAS. Your general colour scheme would be correct.

24th November 2018, 21:04
Thank You for Your reply! Then my "biggest" problem is solved!