Family Tree Research

30th August 2009, 01:20
Hi, I am a new member and I am looking for any information that I can with regard to ships and their masters or mates during the 19th century. I am also interested in the ships that my father served on during the 2nd World War - he was in the Merchant Marine in the Atlantic. Once I have the information together I will ask some questions of the forum (if that is OK).

30th August 2009, 03:31
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30th August 2009, 10:55
Greetings Bronwyn and a warm welcome to SN on your first posting. bon voyage.

Steve Woodward
30th August 2009, 11:04
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K urgess
30th August 2009, 12:29
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If you ask your questions I'm sure the crew will know the answers or can at least give you a course to follow.
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30th August 2009, 16:56
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30th August 2009, 17:52
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