Big Family, Please Help!

jo achuzia
26th November 2018, 02:55
Hi everyone,
This is my first post and I really need help finding my Merchant
Seaman/Fireman Great Granddad.
John Benjamin Samuel Williams
born 31st March 1900 (give or take 1 yr either way)
His Heritage is Freetown, Sierra Leone
he had a child (my nanna) in manchester in aug 1933
married my great grandma (who was white and of irish heritage) in sep 1933
and died in Manchester Royal Infirmary Hospital in 1954
He is possibly linked to 2 Upper Stanhope St, Toxteth, Liverpool which im starting to think is where his dad may of been, his dad might be called Thomas/Thos Williams.
He had 4 children to my great grandma in, 1933, 1936, 1939 and 1953 all in Manchester.

Frank P
26th November 2018, 09:02
Welcome onboard Jo, enjoy the site, and good luck with your search........

Cheers Frank

26th November 2018, 16:59
Hello Jo, I'm in the middle of several trees at present but had a quick look, all I could see was this from FMP: If you could send me your gt,grandmothers full name or your grandma's by pm [private message] that would be a huge help in establishing if and where I find him in other certs that I have the correct John. The list below has a score through it and I'm reliably informed that means either the crew/passengers or ship did not travel.

First name(s) John
Last name Williams
Title MR
Gender Male
Age 45
Birth year 1902
Occupation SEAMAN
Departure year 1947
Departure day 26
Departure month 4
Departure port Southampton
Destination port Freetown
Destination FREETOWN
Country Sierra Leone
Destination country Sierra Leone
Ship name Almanzora
Ship official number 136353
Ship master's first name J W
Ship master's last name CARR
Ship master's title CAPT
Ship destination port WEST COAST OF AFRICA
Ship destination country AFRICA

jo achuzia
29th November 2018, 01:23
Thank you :D

jo achuzia
29th November 2018, 01:25
thank you!