Stag Line query

22nd December 2018, 18:16
Hello - I am hoping to find out some information about my father, Cpt William (Bill) Grugan who worked for Stag Line in the 40s and 50s. He was swept overboard in September 1953 when I was 9 yrs old. He was on the North Atlantic run during the war and I think he may have served on the Linaria, Photinia or Cydonia if the dates fit. My only memory is having a crew member called Harry Handsome, who had a girlfriend called Cynthia, delegated to look after me and I really thought he lived up to his name! The Merchant Navy/Trinity House looked after my education and the school was run like a ship with duties like kit inspection and cleaning for us all! Fingers crossed someone can help.

22nd December 2018, 19:07
Hello I was Apprentice on the S.S. Linaria Stag Line on a voyage from the 1st September to 3rd October 1953. We sailed from Middlesbrough to Wabana Canada for a cargo of iron ore for Newport. On the voyage from Wabana to Newport we ran into heavy weather. The vessel was shipping heavy seas and the Chief Officer and 3rd Officer went on the foredeck to check the hatches. The vessel shipped a massive sea the Chief Officer was washed overboard the 3rd Officer was caught up against the bulwark and saved. We searched the area for 24 hours but did not find the Chief Officer. I don't remember their names could your Father been sailing as Chief Officer at this time. Stag Line records are held at Blandford House, Blandford Square, Newcastle on Tyne under reference number 628. Hope this is of some help to you.
Kind Regards Bill

23rd December 2018, 17:10
Try these for a start: and

Dave W

Hugh MacLean
23rd December 2018, 21:25
I don't remember their names could your Father been sailing as Chief Officer at this time.

Just to confirm that William Grugan was indeed sailing as the Mate on LINARIA when he was lost overboard on 25 September 1953. Details from the Deaths at Sea Register.