German fishing trawler Marz

5th January 2019, 03:47
Hello to everyone
I'm a new member and am sending regards to all. You will excuse me if I make mistakes when communicating within the forum.

My interset at present is to find out more about the German fishing trawler "Marz" which was wrecked off Iceland on 6th May 1930. The wreckage is still visible, half buried in beach sand.

I would appreciate to receive all possible info related to the vessel:
- when and where built
- who was owner, who was Master
- technical details
- photos

Attached is a PDF file from an article in an Iceland newspaper (which i don't understand).

Frank P
5th January 2019, 10:16
Welcome onboard Boban, enjoy the site. I can not help you with your query but maybe another member can.

Cheers Frank

5th January 2019, 11:12
Thank you Frank. Hopefully there will be someone able to shed some light to my query.