Chief Engineer's Daughter
22nd September 2005, 17:41
Hello to all of you in Ships Nostalgia land. A colleague brought this excellent website to my attention.
I come from a line of old sea salts (some not so old!) and have interest of shipping both old and modern, professionally am invovled in matters maritime, shore side, and out of a long held interest. I look forward to many hours happy browsing. (Thumb)

22nd September 2005, 18:03
Welcome to the site CED, you are now amongst the sea/shipping fraternity, enjoy the site, we do.

22nd September 2005, 19:40
Greetings Chief Engineer's Daughter. The colleague who tipped you off about SN told me who you are. Welcome to the site and I hope all's well up there!

22nd September 2005, 23:33
A warm welcome to the site, hopefully you will share some of your family's photos and experiences with us.

22nd September 2005, 23:58
Never met any Chief Engineers' daughters, probably because they never brought them anywhere near the ship for reasons best not gone into.
I'm sure you'll enjoy SN. You will also find some refined upper deck types in SN.

23rd September 2005, 00:01
Welcom aboard the happy ship. great crew full of knowledge. enjoy all that we have to offer. (try not to blush at the banter) LOL

23rd September 2005, 00:23
Chief Engineer's Daughter,

Could your postings in the Gallery give a clue to your location?
Nice shots - are they genuine since it's not blowing a horizontal hooligan or hissin' down?

Doug Rogers
23rd September 2005, 02:50
Welcome, enjoy the site and the membership.

Chief Engineer's Daughter
25th September 2005, 04:20
Yes, my postings in the Gallery are genuine! No camera trickery there!

25th September 2005, 05:35
Yeah! Come on now!

29th September 2005, 11:15
Greetings C.E.D. Glad you took my advice and decided to join us.
I think you'll like it here.
As BillyBoy says, try not to blush at the banter, but I somehow don't think you will!

Best wishes.


Chief Engineer's Daughter
2nd October 2005, 02:31
Thanks Coastie and all those who have welcomed me to the site. Do you think I've created a new TLA in CED?
Don't worry, it takes alot to make me blush! :)

2nd October 2005, 09:08
Now there's a challenge! Stand by!

2nd October 2005, 11:40
Don't rise to it Gulpers, you'll no win!