New boy -just rejoined

Swansea Jack
30th January 2019, 19:03
Hello All, Just rejoined - spent some time - JANUARY 1961 TO August 1966 Elder Dempster Lines Ltd. Worked in the Sea Going Pursers Department - started as a Writer on board m.v. Apapa and finished on board the Maradi (Guinea Gulf Chartered) as a Purser. Between Elders ships, I spent some time (too long) on the dreaded 'K' boats of Paddy Henderson which Eldes bought earlier. Started my sea career at HMS Conway as a Cadet longing o be a Captain!! but Scarlet Feaver and Chicken Pox together caused an eyesight problem. Any Eldes of K boat members onboard here? Would like to talk to you.
Best Wishes,
Swansea Jack (That's where I hale from!

31st January 2019, 03:46
Hello SJ,

Nice to know, that I am not the only Swansea Boy about.
Not a Jack originally but Haverfordwest.
Also an ED's Lad but from a later era, 1979 - 83.

Enjoy your time onboard SN.


Les Gibson
31st January 2019, 11:50
I live in the Swansea Valley, does that count guys?

31st January 2019, 12:43
Hello Swansea Jack - only around 70 miles up the road in Aberystwyth ( My three daughters all went to Swansea Uni in the 90s). I was a Sparks with Marconi 1973-86 - Sailed out of Swansea twice on BI school cruise ships Devonia and Uganda in the 1960s ( when i was a school kid). Quite a few of my schoolmates were on the Swansea Pool ( Aberystwyth was just in Swansea's catchment area - further North they were on the Liverpool Pool) Happy days.

All the best John Davies (IvortheEngine)

31st January 2019, 14:09
nice to here from a jack regards graham a porttenant boy

Swansea Jack
1st February 2019, 18:04
Hi SwanseaChief. Happy to know a few Jacks are around. Trust Wales will win tonight.

Swansea Jack
1st February 2019, 18:07
Hi Les,
Yes, Swansea Valley does count as part of Swansea(just).
Regards SJ

Les Gibson
1st February 2019, 22:22
Thank you SJ Good result for the boys tonight in France.