Research into the Memory of Sub.Lt.JMF PRYNNE R.I.P.

6th September 2009, 16:30
For those Members who remember the name of Johnny PRYNNE former Cadet in mv. RAKAIA ( 1952-1956 ). I have been researching a Memory of his last days when three shipmates left the RAKAIA in 1954 and went eagerly to the DURHAM and then the OTAKI to complete our Apprenticeship and subsequently went different ways.
Johnny obtained his Certifiacte and rushed off to do Training with the RANS
as a Sub.Lt. - as i understand it he was killed in a flying accident during night flying (20 degs.) Dive Bombing) training Exercises from RAF BRAWDY in Wales by crashing his Seahawk into the ground.(1958). I am slowly getting more details together and have been in conact with our Shipmate Gerry Silver in New Zealand.
I am now about to receive more exact details of his last experience as i have exhausted my own research- from a contact who has corresponded recently and for which i am very grateful.
I do sincerely believe that Johnny will also be remembered for his work on the RAKAIA Scrapbook which he Edited and his many Cartoons of life aboard as well as a pianist with his Fatz Waller renditions ! Where is that Scrapbook?

6th September 2009, 19:34
Hi Greyman
S/Lt Prynne was indeed killed on the 3rd March 1958. Unfortunately I did not join HMS Goldcrest (RNAS Brawdy) until January 1960 so I cannot assist further. I note, however, on the Forces Reunited website there are several members listed who would appear to have been serving there in 1958, so perhaps you could make contact with them.
We did, sadly, lose one Pilot during my time at Brawdy who was the Commanding Officer of 300 Squadron Royal Indian Navy which was training at the time on Seahawks. He overshot the runway in very foggy weather and got out of the aircraft safely only to fall down a cliff in the fog.

6th September 2009, 20:24
A suggestion; perhaps you could look through the back editions of "The Western Telegraph", and/or the "Western Mail", both of which newspapers would have carried the story.

14th September 2009, 18:02
Thank you for your input PETER 4447 and the reminder of the day( 3rd March) that JMFP crashed his Seahawk into St.Brides Bay , Wales. It must have been a tough time to be RANS training in such machines!
Also for the comment from BILLIEBOY - unfortunately i have not had the opportunity to consult the Western Gazette for March 1958 - but my local paper the Bournemouth Evening ECHO did give a brief mention which i have not been able to confirm that report.
Would a correspondant by the name of AMI WOODS please kindly contact me with a private message to request more details from a family member by offering a phone no/address to further my interest with actual facts.Thank you.