A voyage to remember in anquish !

6th September 2009, 17:08
Incidentally just reading over the Fed Line threads i recall one Voyage of the worst kind ......... who says oil and water never mixed ?
On board the SURREY in about 1954-1955 (records lost ) in the Indian Ocean adrift for four days - powerless - ALL hands below to attempt an exchange of the magnetic coupling between the twin SULZERS . :sweat: Following 12 breakdowns outward bound to Oz and 14 homeward . What was it about that arrangement which was i think brought about by generator failure (1 0f 4) ?
It was truly a magnificent endeavour which was never financially rewarded by the meaness of the Management - we brought home the Goods and the Ship for goodness sake . WELL DONE THE LADS - AYE !!
Yes the exchange did happen and it took about 16 hrs sweat and toil and was a great tribute to human endeavour ! A few careless words were spoken to let of steam in order to raise steam ! Almost the wartime spirit resolved it!:(Pint)