Anthony Irwing / Anthony Irwing & Son / Irwing Steam Tug Company

7th September 2009, 16:54
I originally posted this in the tugs section but I wonder whether I should really have posted it here :rolleyes:

I wondered whether anyone might have information on any of the above companies, which operated on the Wear in Sunderland between 1867 and 1934.

Anthony Irwing is my great-great-great-grandfather. I know of only two of his vessels, “Agamemnon” and “Conqueror”.

Upon Anthony’s death in 1906, I believe ownership of the tugs passed to his wife Susannah and in 1911 the company became Anthony Irwing & Son (the son is James Irwing). Susannah died in 1920. After Susannah's death, the trading title appears to have changed to Irwing Steam Tug Company and it was wound up in early 1935.

Any further information would be greatly appreciated.

George Irwing
3rd February 2020, 11:41

Anthony Irwing was my great grandfather I have lots of information photographs and documents of the Irwing Steam Tug Company.
If you wish to make contact my e-mail address is georgeirwing(at)


14th February 2020, 13:23
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George Irwing
15th February 2020, 23:47
Hi Tony
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16th February 2020, 06:31
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