Bristol Pilot Boat

14th April 2019, 14:52
Hi everyone my name is Mike Clarke and I worked on various Bristol pilot boats operating out of Barry dock from 1973 until 2010..

John Rogers
14th April 2019, 20:02
Welcome to SN Pill44, are you from Pill.?

15th April 2019, 16:47
Hi John. No I live in Bridgend South Wales. So was a reasonable commute to work on the boat based at Barry, retired early due to health issues but they were good days. Mike.

John Rogers
28th April 2019, 12:49
Thanks for your reply Pill44. Bridgend, I been there a few time as my sister lived in St Athans.

29th April 2019, 10:57
Morning Pill44, hope you enjoy the site.
When I was third mate in Bank Line we discharged lead blisters in Barry.
As I remember we were too big for the locks so had to use the basin.

29th April 2019, 18:08
One of my mates, when we were teenagers, was apprenticed to the Barry Pilots.
My Dad was foreman in charge of the maintenance of lock gates, coal tips, swing-bridge etc etc, but he retired in the early 60s.