Just to say hello

19th April 2019, 09:37
I am a retired engineer and spent all my time foreign going on Eastern service with British India Steam Navigation Co.
B.I. was devoured by P&O in 1972 and that's when I left the sea.
I am now living in Australia.
I am now living in a house for the first time in 24 years(a long story).
I was searching the net for photos of the ships I sailed in and came across this site which looked interesting.
Looking forward to seeing what goes on here and meeting some of you

19th April 2019, 10:14
Hi Kandanomad :)

Frank P
19th April 2019, 12:53
Welcome onboard, enjoy the site.........

Cheers Frank

Kevin Donoghue
8th May 2019, 17:43
Also ex BI & P&O Engineer.....sailed Chinkoa '69, followed by Dumra '70, Amra '71 and then back to Gulf Ships Dwarka '72.....Enjoy the site....well worth a regular visit.