from tom woolgar

tom woolgar
24th September 2005, 18:52
hi folks, i am new to world of p.c. finding my way around slowly. Had a few years at sea, many moons ago.went to N.S.T.S Wallasey (Catering intake) 9 May to 19 June 1944 ,if there is anyone around on that intake would like to hear from them



michael james
24th September 2005, 21:45
Tom, Welcome to SN, you dont say which companys you sailed with, would be interesting but does not really matter, welcome anyway sure you will enjoy !

24th September 2005, 22:02

You've made a good choice by joining SN. Once you get used to the site you will make many friends worldwide and I can guarantee you'will enjoy yourself.

Doug Rogers
24th September 2005, 23:28
Welcome, enjoy the site and the membership.

25th September 2005, 00:10
Tom you are very welcome on this site and we look forward to some stories and photos of your experiences all these years ago.