Bill Yorkston

4th June 2019, 20:51
Hi guys,

Just a quick note to say hi, i expect most of you were ex Royal or Merchant, well im going to upset you, im ex Army Ta da!!!

My Uncles were Royal Navy and my Grand Dad & Great Grand Dad were Merchant Navy.

Im doing my family tree and looking to find pictures/photos of their ship's as and when ive got name's, hopefully you'll overwhelm me with your vast knowlege.


4th June 2019, 21:21
Welcome to SN Bill! No problem with your being ex-army -- we admit anyone nowadays (Jester).

A number of members join in seeking family history, and mostly they find something. Ask away!

Frank P
4th June 2019, 22:30
Welcome onboard Bill, enjoy the site.........

Cheers Frank

4th June 2019, 22:49
Go for it Bill, as ex Army you no doubt have a few tales to tell aside from your family history search. All sorts of stories are aired here.


david freeman
5th June 2019, 12:15
Bill good morning, do not be put off by us the smooth curly haired Navy Types MN and RN. Somewhere in the back of my mind in the 60's I sailed with a PO rating who actually sailed under army colours, on a , or with an army unit out of RINGWOOD {their land base} for special types of craft to do with I think beech landings, so beware old army hands can also be old sea dogs.
Again someone may put me right? But the memories stick.