El Argentino 1939

26th June 2019, 20:15
I am researching My Father's life history and have found that he made his first sea voyage as a Pantry Boy on the MV El Argentino leaving London on 1st April 1939 and visiting Cape Verde, Montevideo, Santos, Buenes Aires and arrived back in London on about 24th May 1939.

Does anyone know the dates of arrival at the ports visited on this trip.

At the end of the trip he sined off as he didn't like the work as Pantry boy. He later sailed on the Goathland and was invalided off the ship with Malaria in Canada. He then left the sea anf joined the RAF for the duration.


Hugh MacLean
26th June 2019, 21:16
Hi Alec,
You can download the ship's movement card from the National Archives for 3.50 - the file is held in piece BT 389/10/201 (https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D8650540)

Those cards can be difficult to read though.

Another option if you could visit Kew would be to look at her Official Logbook for 1939 - the ports of arrival and departure will be clearly written.


27th June 2019, 08:30
Hi Hugh,

Thanks for the information, 3.50 well spent and easily read page with all the dates that I needed to fill in that part of the life story.