Hello from Melbourne

10th July 2019, 07:36
Hi I'm a new member, and my name is Martin Roche. I served my time with what eventually became P & O and then sailed with Blue Star after I gained my 2nd mates ticket. Stayed until I got my mates' ticket and then moved to Aus after meeting my Aussie wife in Cardiff. Been out here almost 40 years and have done a variety of things since arriving. Sailed with BHP where I got my Masters, then ran a stevedoring company, a tanker fleet and a fleet of handies, all for BHP. Left them and set up my own business, trading grain and freight and when the GFC combined with an Aussie drought came along, went to work with China Nav as their ops manager. Retired form them and revalidated my ticket and did some ship deliveries. Ticket expires in Dec this year, but I don't think I will renew it. Hoping I'll come across some old shipmates on here.

10th July 2019, 10:35
Some CV Gw. Welcome aboard.

10th July 2019, 11:15
Welcome from Cumbria

Frank P
10th July 2019, 13:48
Welcome onboard Martin, enjoy the site..

Cheers Frank

10th July 2019, 14:43
Welcome from the Isle of Wight :)

10th July 2019, 16:07
Where did you come from originally. I ask because my name is Peter Roche, originally from Scotland, with a brother Martin now living in Canterbury. I also had a Great Uncle Andrew who was one of the best known yachting photographers in Australia.

11th July 2019, 05:47
Hi Cunamara, originally from a small fishing village in W Wales, where the job options were mostly limited to going to sea or jail, some did both!!
And thanks to the three welcoming members also. Came across this site by pure chance, but it looks interesting.

11th July 2019, 08:09
Welcome Gwaunb0y to SN.
I too am a sufferer of the Melbourne weather today. (Cloud)
You, sailing with BHP, and me 'sailing' with the rail industry may well have been in competition for the slab traffic between Port Kembla and Westernport if nothing else.(Jester)

11th July 2019, 08:54
we probably were! I sailed often on the Iron duke which was one of two slab carriers they had. I finished with BHP ships in about 1984, when I went ashore with them after the kids came along! You're right about the weather!

15th July 2019, 14:24
Hi guys happy sailing