Blyth Spirit
13th July 2019, 16:20
Been a member since 2007 any idea why I had to re-register?(Cloud)(Cloud)

13th July 2019, 16:24
Were you/Are you also BlythSpirit, no space?

Blyth Spirit
13th July 2019, 16:30
Ah yes I will delete that one

Barrie Youde
13th July 2019, 16:58
Madame Arcati could not have provided a more appropriate explanation!

13th July 2019, 17:10
Indeed, Barrie. my favourite actress, Margaret Rutherford! I also saw it on stage not so long ago in London with Angela Lansbury (sorry Dame Angela). Also marvelous. My Sister in Law does not understand why I like to see my favourites repeated. We usually 'do' something in the same week as IMarEST HQ 'do', not this year as she was thrown from bloody horse but surprise surprise last October when the two Catholic girls that are SiL and Cousin iL roared their heads off at Book of Mormon - the only musical to which I was prepared to accompany them.