New member from Sydney Australia.

16th July 2019, 10:51
My name is Albert Podesta. I attended Bristol Technical College for the Marine Radio Officer's course in 1962 and went on to serve for six months on Shaw Saville the Icenic, as junior R/O in 1963. I was than appointed as 5th R/O on P & O ss Orcades and remained with that ship for some 18 months before resigning in August 1965. It so happens that I met my Australian wife to be, on that last voyage. I returned to Bristol Technical College to study for the Aviation Radio licence course. We made Australia our home shortly after completing that course. I have enjoyed a very happy Avionics Engineering career in Australia starting with A.W.A. Aviation, Ansett Australia, Panasonic Avionics and finally Virgin Australia. I retired in December 2014.

John Rogers
16th July 2019, 15:08
Welcome to the site and enjoy.

16th July 2019, 23:48
Thank you John. Happy to be involved.

18th July 2019, 19:40
Welcome to the site, enjoyhearing everyone's experiences.