Captain "Danny" Marr

19th September 2009, 10:14
Does anyone remember Captain Marr? He was the captain of the Queen Mary in 1964 when I was Bridge Boy on her. A real Gent as I recall, quiet spoken and polite, even to us Bridge Boys. One of the few Captains that I remember.

19th September 2009, 13:37
Does anyone remember Captain Marr? He was the captain of the Queen Mary in 1964 when I was Bridge Boy on her. A real Gent as I recall, quiet spoken and polite, even to us Bridge Boys. One of the few Captains that I remember.

Yes I remember Capt Marr. I was with Cunard from 1957 to 1972 in catering majority of time as Purser/CS on the smaller ships. I think he was in commamd when my wife & I did one of the QMs final North Atlantic trips in 67. as passengers and we had a great time. Most of the Cunard masters I sailed with were gentlemen but there were a couple of exceptions .
Did you know that there is an active Queen Mary Association in Southampton ? They meet regularly for get togethers of old QM seamen of all ranks & ratings and by the sounds of their newsletters a good time is had by all. Commodore Warwick is the President of the Association.
Stuart henderson

19th September 2009, 22:43
Hi Stuart
I did a short cruise on the QM on 22.03.67, down to Las Palmas. Returned to Soton then I went out to NY on her, paid off her there on 04.04.67 then flew down to Bermuda to join the Franconia. Capt Marr wasn't the Captain during that time. My Discharge book says it was a Capt J Jones.
Capt Marr doesn't show as the captain on my DB in 64 either. I do recall him well though.
I didn't know about the QM Assn. Sounds interesting, not the sort of thing I'm into though. I was only on the QM for a few months. My first ship.

20th September 2009, 08:06
I did hear a few years ago that after he retired he went as 2nd Mate on one of Marpro's coasters. It was said that he really enjoyed it and that had he known about the coasting life years ago he would have done it.


20th September 2009, 08:48
Brilliant if he did. His career at sea would have gone full circle, and a great reminder of his maritime roots.
One event I remember him in was in NY. He'd been ashore to some function or other in his full dress uniform. I was doing the Lift Boys job for some reason, and not the Bridge Boys. I was holding the lift for him, prior to him boarding. When he stepped off the gangway and on to a small duck-board type step, he slipped and went sprawling onto the deck. Most undignified! He just laughed, picked himself up, brushed himself down and carried on. All his entourage, Mates, Pursers etc looked horrified. He didn't seem to mind though, and nothing was said. I placed the step there, thought I'd get it in the neck. A first trip Bridge Boy, and he was God. I just assumed I'd get the blame whoever's fault it was. :o
There was a 2nd Mate on there, who I saw about 10 years later as 2nd Mate on Red Funnel. Perhaps he was finding his roots as well :o

peter johnston
25th September 2009, 22:02
hello all!
i think dickyboy was referring to Captain Geoffrey Marr, he was captain of the Queen Mary and also Queen Elizabeth when needed! He was the first Captain to Berth the Queen Mary in 1966 without the aid of tugs in New York ,and not hitting the Hudson Flyover,as the the Queen Elizabeth had done in previous Years before!..and i believe he was the only Cunard Line captain ever to be buried at sea..i hope this information helps a little ! oh! forgot to say ..the new york stevodores came off strike ,when he berthed her without their help and the moran tug boat company too.
regards ...peter johnston

25th September 2009, 22:47
I think you will find that first unaided berthing of the QM in NY was carried out by Captain Donald Sorrell during the tug strike in 1953. I seem to recall it being mentioned in his autobiography "The Sea My Steed". I think he made up a piece of wood with a nail stuck in it to give him his angles.

25th September 2009, 23:02
Captain G. T. Marr............

1st October 2009, 12:14
Captain G. T. Marr............

Intresting Link, I recognised him right away, and I hadn't seen him for 45 years. A real Gent as I recall.

16th October 2009, 02:57
I spent nearly four years aboard RMS Caronia.
Capt. Marr did a "tour" of one year around 1963. One of his "specialties" midway through each cruise was to go down to the main lounge and give an evening lecture, complete with easel and maps, of the sinking of Bismark.
He made it really interesting, as he had a natural public speaking manner.
Most of the elderly American passengers were spellbound

26th March 2011, 06:43
Hello There
Iwas on the "CARONIA" in 1963 on the night gang and I think he had been the Navigating Officer on the"Battle ship "K.G.V" or some other one that was involved in the Sinking of the "BISMARK"and he had a blackboard with the positions of the ships always let on to yer when you were in a pair of K.D's and a T'Shirt buffing the alleyways about 1am!!
Is,nt it funny what you remember did he have a scar on his face!!?

18th August 2012, 19:21
Remember Captain Marr quite well was on the Elizabeth in 1966/67 as Assistant Purser with Captain Warwick

18th August 2012, 19:23
Was his nickname 'Tatty' Marr

18th August 2012, 20:41
Sailed on the Mary and the Lizzy early 60's I cant remember Captains names and my DB is to faded to read, I've just returned from a run up the Norwegian coast on the Queen Victoria with the first female Capt to sail with Cunard, Capt Inger Klein Olsen, she started her sea going career as a cleaner on a ferry in the faroes.

Jeff Taylor
18th August 2012, 21:01
Years ago I sailed on QE westbound during her last year. Cdr Marr was aboard and I had a letter of introduction to him from a neighbor who was a frequent Cunard passenger who knew him and Treasure Jones very well. He really adopted me, including cocktails in the suite, dinner at his table, a brandy in the Veranda Grill, and the next day bridge and engine room tours and a very brief stint at the helm (I was terrible--over steering no matter how minimal my corrections were with the QE hunting port to starboard!). Total gentleman and what a memory. Ron Warwick later mentioned that they buiried him at sea from QE2.