Hello Group

27th September 2005, 10:11
Hi All,

I have just signed on today and thought I would introduce my self.

I'm currently living in Western Australia - close to the sea (*)) - I orginially went to sea on board the "Manistee" back in January 1952.

Anyway I hope to catch up with you all later

Cheers Brian

27th September 2005, 10:22
Hello Brian we extend to you a warm welcome to the site and hope you enjoy sharing photos and stories with us.

Doug Rogers
27th September 2005, 10:37
Welcome to the site Brian, enjoy and look forward to any postings you may wish to make.

27th September 2005, 10:42
Ahoy Brian,
Welcome to the site, enjoy yourself as we do, looking forward to your photos, if you have any?

27th September 2005, 11:58
Welcome Brian to the site, you are now with the sea loving people.

27th September 2005, 20:43
Welcome Brian, glad you found us. Lot's of sea knowledge, sea lore and expertise here. Deck, engine, navigation, catering, it's all here.

John Rogers
27th September 2005, 23:50
Welcome Brian,we have another member that was on the "Manistee" not sure of the year. His name is Alan Bruton.