QE2 proto-type

peter johnston
25th September 2009, 23:19
hell everyone!
i am trying find a picture of the first QE2 model (known as Q3).
this model had two funnels but was later shelved to a single funnel ,to the QE2 that we all know...it was published in a hardback ,of cunard and transatlantic liners..can anyone out there source that book or picture? would be very appreciated ,and you might be suprised to see how smart it looked!
many thanks! will view with interest! ...peter

25th September 2009, 23:50
Can't answer your query but bear in mind that before QE2 was named and launched she was known as Q4. Links to this could find your answer. Don't be side-tracked by the Glasgow band of the time. They were quite good as it happens! Saw them around Argyll a couple of times.

26th September 2009, 19:15
Hi there don't know if this is the picture you are after.


26th September 2009, 19:18
I'm in the middle of a house move and can't put a hand on my copy of "QE2. Queen Elizabeth 2. The Authorised Story" by Neil Potter and Jack Frost, which I believe carries a photo of the proposed Q3, with funnel astern, I don't recollect 2 funnels unless they were side by side, like 'Canberra'.

peter johnston
27th September 2009, 01:30
thanks lads...but nope! she she was called Q3--then called Q4 ..then QE2 with one funnel...but she definately was planned with two funnels, before being shelved to a one class cruising ocean liner! regards ..peter

27th September 2009, 17:30
There is another thread on this - the tank testing model of the Q3 is in the Denny Tank Museum at Dumbarton. Its been painted up in Cunard colours, can't remember if they have a picture though.


28th September 2009, 10:28
Here she is, from the Neil Potter and Jack Frost Book QE2 The Authorised Story. (George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd, 1969).
It looks like two funnels, but is the forward one the combined mast/kitchen exhaust as incorporated into the QE2?

peter johnston
30th September 2009, 00:07
i applaud the the ex-seafarers to come up trumps! thats the kiddie! thank god i was not dreaming! thank you lutine and and all the lads on ships nostalgia, this is what makes sites like this so invaluable for memories and knowledge of our past seafaring history. once again thanks so much!
regards to all peter johnston....