27th September 2005, 14:14
A big hello from Canada, originally from Liverpool, Peter

27th September 2005, 14:19
Welcome Peter, you are now amongst the sea/ship loving fraternity, enjoy the site, we do.

David Wilcockson
27th September 2005, 14:32
Nowt wrong with being from the `Pool`, browse & enjoy, but like a good book you wont be able to put it away!

27th September 2005, 19:25
Welcome Peter.
Suggest that you enter some data into your profile.
Glad to see another "Maple Feaf" up there.
Maybe soon we will outnumber the guys from the Antipodes.
Sorry Derek but I will try!

28th September 2005, 01:58
Hi Peter welcome to SN, it's definitely the best site around for ship lovers but as you can see from the previous post the grizzly lovers (only polite word I could think of) are a bit of a pest sometimes

I hope you enjoy it here.

Doug Rogers
28th September 2005, 04:39
Hello Peter, welcome aboard and look forward to any postings.