27th September 2005, 19:50
Hello all. I am interested in shipping because I come from a naval family on my mother's side - her father was captain of the cable ship Lady Denison Pender. I entered the website to try to find info about the dredger Harry Brown - I come from Bristol, and we are making a quilt for my mum to include all sorts of relevant ships - we were sea rangers and kept our dinghies in Bathurst Basin, where we had to watch out for the Harry Brown coming in and out!

27th September 2005, 20:29

Welcome to SN. I hope you enjoy researching on our site.

Harry Brown - have a look at this link http://www.b-i-a-s.org.uk/BIAS_photos.html there are some close up deck shots of Harry Brown but there is also a shot of a sand dredger in drydock. Looking at the shape of the fo'c'sle rails, I think she could well be Harry Brown.

There's lots on the internet about CS Lady Denison Pender - try this link as an example http://www.atlantic-cable.com/Cableships/LDP/

27th September 2005, 20:36
welcome uncleagent61 to the site, enjoy it, we do

28th September 2005, 01:53
A very warm welcome to the site uncleagent61 I hope you enjoy it. I hope you post a photo of your mum's quilt when it's finished.

John Rogers
28th September 2005, 03:28
Welcome to our website,I know you will enjoy all the info we have to offer. I posted a article about Harry Brown a few weeks ago under Nostalgia, about how a a little girl now a woman loved that little dredger. She was from Shirehampton,just down the Portway from you. There is a picture of the Harry Brown in the gallery if you need one.

Doug Rogers
28th September 2005, 04:34
Welcome to the site, enjoy and I am sure members will be able to help you along the way.