Blue Funnel Livery.

Rob Randle
28th September 2009, 17:17
I am currently finishing a model of an 'M'class Bluey. Can any of you old China hands remember the colour of the tops of the mast houses, and were the boat deck, bridge deck, monkey island, poop and after docking bridge sheathed in wood? In one photo I,ve seen the mast house tops look like they may be painted red (oxide?) but the quality of the photo makes it dificult to be certain. Also were the hatches 'Mc Gregors or tarps? Hope someone can help an old Blue Star man. It's a bit of a long shot but does anyone remember or know what happened to a guy called Vic webster from Manchester who joined Holts as a middy in 1963? I haven't seen him since we left the Conway.

Pat Kennedy
28th September 2009, 18:34
The 'M' class all had McGregor hatch covers, the first Blue funnel ships tp have them. They were painted grey, by the way.
Mast house decks were painted 'deck red' not red oxide.
All the decks you mention had wooden plank decking, except (if memory serves) the docking bridge which I recall as steel painted red like the mast houses.
Best Regards,

Rob Randle
29th September 2009, 17:27
Hi Pat,
Thanks very much for your reply, I can finish the model now.
Thanks again. Regards Rob.