Clan Line

28th September 2005, 05:38
Remember the Clan McIntyre,sailed in her in 1962, but have no pictures.


28th September 2005, 10:01

I used to regularly see the Clan Line ships passing my window in Gourock as they made there way up and down the Clyde.

Have you got the correct spelling of MacIntyre? Shouldn't it be Mac, not Mc?

If she was MacIntyre, there are many shots of her out there. Have a look at;

28th September 2005, 10:38
Here's a link to photo and details:

28th September 2005, 12:33
lease for give me for transgressing Gentlemen, but when I was alocomotive fireman, before joining the merchant navy. we had on our region a class of locomotive called "merchant navy" good powerful locomotives too! one however was called the "Clan line" you will no doubt be happy to hear she survibed the scrap yard blues and went on to be preserved. she worked many trains in her preserved roll. when I was living in england I used tolove to see her blasting her way up to Stratford from london. ... sorry for the interuption gentlemen. couldnt resist sticking my oar in on this one. ... LOL

Bruce Carson
28th September 2005, 12:46
Hi Billyboy,
Here's a really nice picture of the preserved "Clan Line" in all her glory.

Bruce C.

28th September 2005, 15:57
Having helped to build 35028 amongst some other merchants, she was in her glory when she had that air smoothed casing around her. As an apprentice at the time I was allowed to drive her on her shake down "cruise" under supervision of course.

28th September 2005, 20:42
'fraid I/m an anorak as well,having worked on the railway for 30-odd years when the MN Cadetship fell through.
Remember the MN and BB Pacifics well and especially some brill runs towards the end of their days from Waterloo to Southampton with the added bonus of seeing all the great ocean liners as well.Great days!

29th September 2005, 06:39
Thanks Gulpers your correct should be Mac, . Interesting fact that at that time undestand there were only 3 Kiwis in Clan line and all on the same ship. The Mate can't remember his name ,and Charlie Ceasar 3rd Eng. and myself 2nd .Eng.. First class accommodation as we lived in the passengers cabins.


29th September 2005, 08:14
Thanks for the website bruce. she looks grand in that shot. worked mostly BB & WC class. the MN's were a rare treat for us.