the Duke of Connaught ,RNLB ,1921 for sale (Sweden)

5th October 2009, 14:27
I thought it might be of interest to a few of you here to
have information on the Duke of Connaught,
lifeboat at Peterhead 1921-1939
(Watson 43/45 foot,carvel-built,2-layer mahogany,heavy brass fittings,
steam+8 oars+sail originally,
added diesel in the 50ies)
with a rather particular history.

Peterhead station historical pictures,data
and film from its dedication ceremony in 1921-1922

The penultimate owner and his mother sailed it to Sweden in the 90ies

It is currently located in Uppsala in Sweden,
and for sale.
( I am sorry if I have missed something in the forum rules,
and for sale info is not that case I'll remove that line immediately)

Its current state could probably best be described as "restoration object".
I have come to understand that historical lifeboats in britain
usually were painted,and so its current lack of paint might
be disenchanting to the british is less so in Sweden
,as here there is almost a sort of worship of the "pure wood"
in wooden boats, and people do not want to cover the material with paint,
but usually use just varnish,and frequently even shellack, for the decks and details.

All the fittings are in brass, very heavy.
The wheel, the compass and the diesel
engine from the 50ies is also still available
(although the latter is dismounted and stored on shore.

Facebook page (public)

current pictures

Robert S.

25th January 2010, 03:35
Any idea of what they want for it? and where exactly it is, as I could have someone look at it.

29th January 2010, 00:04
Been looking at an old LBES Handbook, and Motor L/boats by N Leach!

Duke of Connaught (ON 668) is listed as a 45' Watson, single motor (originally a 60bhp 4-cyl Taylor petrol engine, it could have had a diesel fitted by the RNLI but I am not sure of that point, that could have been done later).
The hull would be double diagonal mahogany, copper roved/nailed and would have had 91 air cases for bouyancy, but not a self-righting design.

Launched on service 45 times at Peterhead, saved 107 lives. Plus another 30 launches and 97 lives saved whilst a relief boat.

She went into the relief fleet in 1939, and was sold out of service in October 1951. (and has gone by the name of King John II at some point, after 1951)

31st January 2010, 15:43
King John II was used at Dover as a pilot boat originally owned by J Walker then Dover Motorboat Company she was powered by a Gardner 6LX Diesel Engine i was one of her coxwains she used to be known as the Dover based submarine as she used to go through seas not over them