TSMV Socotra

29th September 2005, 12:25
On his return from Australia in 1946 my Dad's unit made their transit in TSMV Socotra which I believe was on a barebones charter to P&O. She was built in 1943 and I heard she went for scrap in 1964 or so. When my Dad embarked he was last on board as he was canteen officer and was out combing the Australian countryside for staples (liquor, beer and cigarettes) for the voyage. By the time he got there, his colleagues had commandeered all the passenger accommodation (the troops were in the tween decks) so he found a bunk in the DEMS mess and went down for a nap. Next thing he knew a Scottish fellow was shaking him and asking what he was about, sleeping there. He explained and the Scot, the Chief Engineer, said this would never do. His Third Engineer wasn't aboard for the transit, so he could use his cabin. It came complete with a servant and library. So he was signed on as Third Engineer and lived in their mess. The Colonel, when he got wind of this, decided he would have that cabin but the Chief Engineer was adamant that he would not. So my Dad crossed in some style. Not bad for an Army type.

At any rate, I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find pictures of Socotra for an exhibit I am planning on my Dad's unit. By the way, they crossed from San Francisco to Australia in SS Monterey (Matson Line). I still have his Shellback Card.

29th September 2005, 13:21
Socotra 7754 tons built 1943 by Barclay Curle Ltd Whiteinch.465.7 x 62.9 x 38.3.
Twin screw 4 cylinder diesel by shipbuilders at Glasgow. DF, ESD, Radar. code flags MASC.Registered London. Cruiser stern

29th September 2005, 13:22
Ahoy Pusser,

Here's your Socotra:
m.s. Socotra (http://www.lansdale.co.uk/socotra.htm) - Built in 1943 for P&O. Served in World War II as an armed merchant cruiser. Sister ship to the contemporary and later BI 'C' class, but with twin four cylinder Doxfords instead of a single six cylinder and two sampson posts forward of No.1 Hold. Built at Barclay Curle. Sold for demolition in 1965.

1st October 2005, 07:02
Thanks for the responses. Great information

14th October 2005, 23:34
One for you Pusser. Ken.

15th October 2005, 06:37
Thanks Ken. That's a really good photo. Did you take it or is it from another source? Just for the record as I want to document all the items that go into the museum display.


Don Koehler