the discovery

john mc ginley
8th October 2009, 22:06
had a visit to ,RRS DISCOVERY last week.i have lived near the area for years and never visited the ship and the site is certainly worth going to see,if you get the chance. when you see the size of the ship,it is very small,and there were over 40 crew on board!.the ship was steered by men standing at the wheel.pulling the chains to starboard or port. coal bunkers,the bunkers held 350 tons of coal with another 40 tons on deck.
provisions> discovery had to take on enough food for over 40 men, for
2 to 3 years!!!!!!.

Sister Eleff
8th October 2009, 22:16
Typical, when you live near something fascinating, how you never quite get round to seeing it! I have visited RRS Discovery a couple of times (from Australia) and will go again when I am next in the area - well worth the visit.

19th October 2009, 22:19
As a child at Lymington (Hants) in 1951/3 the local boatyard - Lymington Slipway - had one of the Discovery's motor launches moored to the bank. She was painted grey and was taken out into the river from time to time. If I remember rightly the launch was to be re-united with its parent .... don't know the outcome of that because my parents and I emigrated to Australia in May 1953 where I stayed for 20 years before returning to the UK.

Dulcibella (Ian)