30th September 2005, 16:11
Hi all,
My names Rab Youngman. I was born in Shetland, went herring fishing and then to the Sea School in Leith(Dolphin) was in the Merch till i was 21 then went deep sea trawling out off Aberdeen. Sat both my Mates and Skipper's tickets in Aberdeen. Moved to Peterhead when the Trawling died out and continued Fishing for a few years.Left in the early eighties and went offshore as a Rigger for a few trips and i am STILL there!Any old shipmates out there please contact me.

30th September 2005, 16:26
Welcome to the site Scratcher, you are now amongst the sea/ship loving fraternity, most of us left years ago, but our minds are still there. I would not have the guts to go to sea on a trawler, too rough, kept to liners.

30th September 2005, 18:11
Hi Scratcher
Welcome to the site.
We particularly like ex Dolphin boys as there are a few of us here including our super moderator from down under ,Derek
I was at the "Dolphin" in 1952 so am an old salt ashore now.

Doug Rogers
30th September 2005, 22:01
Welcome aboard, enjoy the site and the members.

1st October 2005, 00:13
Hi Rab, a warm welcome to the best nautical site around I hope you enjoy it. I was on the Dolphin in 1955 doing cadet training with an intake mainly of Shelties and found them to be great guys,tough as nails and full of mischief, I have many fond memories of them.

1st October 2005, 08:41
Ahoy Rab,

A warm welcome on this site, got you a present.Enjoy yourself here. (
ęDave Henniker

david smith
1st October 2005, 10:47
welcome aboard!