Alang update 14/10/2009

14th October 2009, 07:05
As reported in Maritime Matters, things have been moving quite alot on the Alang beaches lately.

Topaz & Maxim Gorkiy have both now been completely finished off and are no more.

Regal Empress has now had her bow snipped and holes placed ready for winching up the beach to start her demise. Her fittings and fixtures have all been stripped out and containerised for selling.

Ocean Odyssey has been stripped out but is still intact.

The ferry Sara 3 is beached but has not received breaking clearance as yet.

Independence/Oceanic has been anchored off Dubai for many months now but is due to be beached in the not too distant future. A new name Platinum II has apparently been given to her.

chris claydon
27th February 2010, 04:49
Hello mate. Do you know of any photos of the Argy carrier above which was reported scrapped at Alang in 2000?