EXPORT BUYER in Yokohama, 1969

14th October 2009, 16:24
Or was it Hong Kong? I suspect that this scene is a thing of the past. We spent 10 days both ports, discharging and loading from lighters. I was a deck cadet (apprentice mate) during my education at Maine Maritime Academy. I made this photo when returning from shore leave. spc

14th October 2009, 17:21
Yes, I guess it has all gone, together with my hair. We've been on holiday to both HK and Japan in recent years and they are very different now.

I was always struck by the contrast between (what seemed then to be) the modern cargo ships from the West discharging into or loading from junks 'manned' by a complete family. Granny was usually busy cooking at a wok in the stern whilst the men handled cargo-hooks. The contrast looking down from the promenade deck of a mailship into a tiny boat, loaded to the gunwhales with plastic tulips or something else considered vital to 1960's culture was extreme. The baby in the junk was always a skilled chopstick operator !
Great memories, long gone.

14th October 2009, 17:28
One of the old American Export Lines C-4 cargo ships, the "Export Buyer" is now called simply "Buyer", and is still laid up in mothballs as part of the ready-reserve fleet.

14th October 2009, 17:48
I reckon the photo was taken in Hong Kong,

Bob Sendall

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14th October 2009, 19:20
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