steve Coombs
1st October 2005, 12:23
Hello all

Ex radio officer in the 70s living in Bristol

david smith
1st October 2005, 12:49
enjoy the site and ignore any silence periods!

1st October 2005, 14:24
Welcome Steave to the site, plenty of ex R/O's here to make you feel at home, enjoy the site, we do.

Doug Rogers
1st October 2005, 22:13
Hi Steve, enjoy the site and the banter that goes on, am sure you will have some good qso's with old friends.

2nd October 2005, 00:07
Steve I welcome you to the site and hope you enjoy the companionship, it's a bit like being part of a ship's crew here.

Jan Hendrik
2nd October 2005, 09:58
Hello Radioman

._ _ / . / ._../ _._./ _ _ _ / _ _ / .

Enjoy the site and post your pictures