Plans of Centaur (1964)?

Steve Hodges
23rd May 2020, 09:14
Would any of you BlueFlue gentleman know where I might be able to lay hands on plans of this very handsome vessel? I would like to try making a reasonably detailed radio controlled model of her; I can find plenty of photos, but really need a dimensioned lines plan.
Alternatively, has anyone come across a model of her?

Stephen J. Card
23rd May 2020, 11:59
Not much help I'm afraid.

If you want full plans you should contact the UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW Library.

Most likely the John W Brown drawings are there.


Rough Richard
29th May 2020, 08:00
I have folded plans of Centaur published in the Staff Bulletin. I am in Australia but if interested I can scan and email to you. My address [email protected]