Hello all!

2nd October 2005, 18:00
I was a Sparks on Dutch ships from 1954 - 1963. We were a kind of mercenaries hired off to Dutch shipping companies. I was mainly a tanker-man and sailed for Dutch Shelltankers and van Ommeren. After my sailing days I went to school again and later rejoined Radio Holland, this time in a shore position. The last 10 years before my retirement at 62 I was with PTT Telecom who had privatised and needed management from the real world to reform the organisation to meet market requirements. I am a radio amateur - call sign PA0EEU - but these days I am more busy with computers than radio. I have my own web site with more information on my interests. Under the heading of Interests I have a Marine section devoted to the ships I sailed on. All these pages are in English by the way. The URL is: http://www.fvaneeuwen.nl I am also a regular visitor of the Dutch Nostalgia forum by the name of Kombuispraat (Galley talk).

Greetings from the Low Country,

Ferry van Eeuwen

2nd October 2005, 18:10
WElcome Goldenages to the site. Welkom op de schepen/zee ships nostagia site.Greetings from England. Your website is interesting, good photos.

2nd October 2005, 22:50
Ferry I wish you a warm welcome to SN, it is a great site and I hope it brings you plenty of enjoyment.

Jan Hendrik
2nd October 2005, 23:18
Hello sparkie,

._ _ / . / . _ .. / _._. / _ _ _ / _ _ / .


Doug Rogers
3rd October 2005, 02:14
Welcome aboard Ferry, enjoy the site and look forward to any postings you may make.

3rd October 2005, 06:13
Ahoy Ferry,

Welcome aboard,and enjoy it as we do it.