Cruising Members Hilifta & John Rogers...virtual cruising over on The Cruising Forum

29th October 2009, 18:18
Currently two members from here & The Cruising Forum, Hilifta & John Rogers, are on cruises in the Far East.

Through webcams & AIS we have been tracking their progress over on The Cruising Forum, updating their position each day with links to the various port of call & wherever possible direct live webcam captures from the ships or ports of call.

Hilifta (Mike) and his wife are aboard Costa Allegra and John Rogers is aboard HAL Volendam.

You are all more than welcome to drop by the cruise community and check in with the two cruises and join the guys as they sail around the Far Eastern ports....Mike will be completing his cruise this weekend & John still has another week to go.

Mike's cruise stalk can be found on this link...

John's can be found here...


29th October 2009, 23:01
I envy John boarding and disembarking in the Ocean Terminal Hong Kong. I wonder if it is the same as it used to be back in the 70s, a mini city in itself with just about every shop there is. We had everything done there without leaving the terminal buying anything we wanted, having our eyes tested, dirt cheap, but good glasses, dentist, and best shave I have ever had. What a place?!.