r.m.s. Aquitania

3rd October 2005, 15:06
Help please. As the Aquitania went though 2 wars, there must have been only one ship. Was her wheel-house and bridge wings re-built at some time. I have two pictures of her. One i think the way she was built. A very slight curved bridge-wings, and wheel-house with 11 windows. The other one has very straight bridge wings, and very small square wheel-house with six windows. Puzzling. Thanks. Barney.

fred henderson
3rd October 2005, 16:39
If you look closely at pictures Barney, you will see that in the oldest photo Aquitania had an open bridge, with a closed section of the superstructure on the deck below the bridge wings. By my count there are 12 windows, not 11. In the later photo the open bridge has been replaced by a wheelhouse on the same deck as the bridge wings and the 12 windows below the wheelhouse replaced by portholes.


3rd October 2005, 19:33
Hi Fred. The picture with the open bridge has a square box with six windows facing foreward, and a canvas looks like monkey iseland on top. The other pic doe's have twelve windows in wheelhouse. Many thanks for the information. Barney.

Bruce Carson
3rd October 2005, 20:00
Hi Barney:
Pictures of the liner on trials show her without the upper boxlike wheelhouse, but with the twelve windows fronting a larger wheelhouse at a lower level.
I'm guessing the small wheelhouse on top of the superstructure was probably added during her refit after WWI at the yard of Armstrong Whitworth.
At a later date, presumably in the late twenties or early thirties, an upper pilot house was built atop the wheelhouse. It appears to have been painted both white and either black or varnished at various times. I think it was more substantial than a mere canvas dodger and was probably roofed over.

Bruce C.

3rd October 2005, 23:23
Hi Bruce. Thats well sorted now.Thanks for your help. Barney