Phil Noake
3rd October 2005, 22:35
If anyones interested, I'm presently Chief Engineer of the BIBO vessel "Pioneer". It carries only refined sugar and there are only three vessels worldwide with this capability. Bulk In - Bag Out.
Phil Noake

3rd October 2005, 22:54

Welcome to Ships Nostalgia. Once you have found your way around the site you are guarenteed to find something to interest you. Our members are more than willing to help each other with queries.

BIBOs? (?HUH) Sounds like a most unusual concept. If you get a chance, give us some more details of what the process involves and, of course, if you can post any pictures that would be a real bonus.

3rd October 2005, 23:08

I've just seen your 'Gallery' picture of Pioneer discharging in Singapore.

Looks fascinating or even chaotic! What's all that about then?

4th October 2005, 01:48
Welcome to the site Phil, your contributions will be read with interest and I'm sure you will also find plenty here to interest you.

Jan Hendrik
4th October 2005, 01:52
Welcome Phil.
Please post some pictures of the loading/unloading process.

Doug Rogers
4th October 2005, 04:46
Welcome indeed Phil, and yes please we would love some pictures.

4th October 2005, 11:23
Welcome phil, to the site enjoy it, we do, all we want now is the milk and the tea.

Phil Noake
12th October 2005, 07:22
G'day to all,
"Pioneer" as a Refined Sugar Carrier is "Food Grade" everywhere from Cargo Hold linings to Conveyor systems etc etc meaning most hardware is Stainless Steel or classed as "Food friendly".
The whole system is Air Conditioned/Humidity Controlled to match the conditions of the loading Silo in Mackay. Obviously a big system in itself.
Cargo is loaded via a dedicated loading hatch into a system of three Chain Conveyors that load the four Holds via a cascade system to preserve the sugar crystal integrity.
Discharge is via a gravity system onto a Reclaiming Conveyor running under the Holds, feeding a Bucket Elevator at the aft end and then a Mobile Beam Conveyor. From here we can direct product either overboard to the Shore Bulk system, overboard to our own Portable Bagging Units (PBU's) that have the capability to fill and process 1000 kg bags, or diverted internally to a silo at the on-board Bagging Plant where product is weighed and distributed into six Bagging Units for despatch in 50 kg bags via two separate Elevators and associated Conveyors overboard through two side ports to two Truckloaders.
These Truckloaders can load into Trucks, Trains or basically any system.
All the bits and pieces are carried with us on board in specific areas - Garages for the Truckloaders and Ship/Shore Conveyors or Container Slots for the various PBU gear.
All in all a very good operation.....all maintained by a good Aussie crew of just 17 people and certainly "chaotic" it can be when discharging simultaneously into Bulk/PBU/50kg bags.

I'm back to sea on 17th and wont be home till the new year. I'll bring back some better photos from my stock on board.
Cheers Phil

12th October 2005, 13:02

Thanks for that. The whole operation sounds fascinating (maybe chaotic, as you suggest). Have a good trip and yes, please bring back some of your photographs - I'll certainly be interested in seeing them. (Thumb)