Radio equipment / radio rooms

Robert Wheeler
9th November 2009, 15:58
Does anyone know what radio equipment was fitted to the following ships:

Clan Macintosh
King Richard
Clan Macgillivray
King Alfred
Mistral Universal
Scirocco Universal
Al Zohal
Al Moshtaree
Al Zahrah

or, has anyone got radio room and/or bridge photos from those above plus:

SA Oranje
Edinburgh Castle
SA Vaal
King Charles

11th November 2009, 11:56
I sailed on Fyffe's "Morant" which eventually became "Al Zohal". Pretty sure she had standard Marconi equipment - Oceanspan V11, Atalanta, etc.

John T.

11th November 2009, 12:41
Hi Robert ...

I was on SA Oranje (for 1 trip) and Edinburgh Castle (for 6 trips), AFAIR they had the standard Marconi fit, Globespan, twin Atalanta's, Crusader, Pennant, fixed LB cabin, Salvor in Radio Room (I think ?)

I was also on King Richard, both as KR and previously as Elbe Ore, she had a DEBEG fit, I can't remember the equipment list, but I do have a couple of pics somewhwere - if I can find them again I'll post them here. (Don't hold your breath !)

Robert Wheeler
13th November 2009, 18:41
Hi John
Tks for your response. By the time I was there the main tx had been changed to a 400W Sailor. I can't remember the make/model but the main receiver was synthesised so that was where the Atalanta must have been and the rest of the hole was filled with the Microtor for the old mechanical ASR32 teletype that has also been installed.
I've got a photo of this one somewhere but can't find it.
Rgds, Robert

14th November 2009, 13:37
Thanks Robert. Definitely wasn't a "Sailor" in my time - I've never seen that brand.

I joined Morant in Genoa and relieved an American ex Tropical Radio R/O who had been drafted in to relieve a sick R/O - Tropical Radio was owned by United Fruit, as was Fyffes at the time. The American was about 75 and hadn't been to sea since WW2 - he'd only been able to get the Emergency Transmitter fired up (a Marconi Salvor) and they'd had no communications from Panama to Gibraltar. He was a nervous wreck and the company refused to repatriate him as they couldn't get a replacement, so he went to the British Consul in Genoa and dobbed them in. That's when they got me - wish I'd known the story before I accepted the job!

As it happens, I had a great time on board.

John T.

21st February 2018, 21:55
I sailed on the "Vaal", as she was called, as 4th R/O, back in 1968.
Did 4 round trips. Chief was John Eager, 2nd was "Mac".
Callsign was ZSNT.
Entering the Radio Room through the main door, the Main TX, a Globespan was on your left and the Main Receiver, an Atalanta and other auxilliary equipment was on the bench to right of the Main TX.

In an adjacent room to the right, separated by a glass panel was
the "R/T Room" fitted out with a Crusader TX and another Atalanta.
This equipment was almost exclusively used for making H/F R/T calls to Portishead and Capetown. The passengers would use a special extension telephone handset in a booth just outside the main door next to an access window where they could also compose and hand in telegrams.