bob johnston

bob johnston
4th October 2005, 23:10
My name is Bob Johnston currently living in Sydney a great lover of shipping and especially P&O ships as an x crew member in the middle 70s. I was crew on Canberra , Oronsay,Arcadia,Oriana, Island Princess and last ship was Sun Princess in 1978, married an x Oriana passenger and have been in Sydney since then.My favourite ship was Oriana and it was sad to see the pictures of her being broken up.

Have a great interest in ships still and take many a photograph at circular quay in Sydney. Recently spent 5 months in UK and had fun seeing the Queen Mary up close on a ferry ride.

Looking forward to being a member of this interesting site and it is good to see there is still a great interest in shipping of the old and new.

4th October 2005, 23:57
Welcome to the site Bob, this certainly is a great place to be and I hope it brings you a lot of enjoyment.

mick Wright
5th October 2005, 00:23
Welcome Bob I myself nearly became an Aussie,met a girl in Brisbane whilst on the Rhodesia Star wanted to emigrate but when I was told I would have to live in a hostel instead of my girlfriends house,perhaps her father did not trust me,I stayed in Blighty,for better or for worse.

Mick Wright

5th October 2005, 06:32
Ahoy Bob,

Have a warm welcome aboard, end enjoy this ship and her crew as we do.

Jan Hendrik
5th October 2005, 07:05
Hi Bob,
Welcome to SN. Hope you enjoy the site.
Please reciprocate with your pictures.

5th October 2005, 09:26
Welcome aboard, Bob. We shall look forward to seeing some of your photos and maybe some stories from the past.

Doug Rogers
5th October 2005, 09:49
Hello Bob, welcome aboard and enjoy the site. I rather think I have heard of your name and existence from David(Pompeyfan).

5th October 2005, 10:56
Welcome Bob to SN as an ex P&O engineer from the generation of ships before your time, enjoy the site we do.

5th October 2005, 23:19
Glad you found the site on return home Bob. Yes, Doug, this is the same Bob I told you about. We passed each other in October 1974 when he was leaving Arcadia in Sydney and I was re-joining after leave. I stayed on board until the following May! Then a few months ago, we spent two great days at Portsmouth and Southsea when Bob was in the UK watching the ferries going in and out and the return of the Global challenge plus other ships of course and a harbour cruise. There is a new ferry on the Le Harvre route now that P&O have pulled out, but sadly she comes in and out at night. I think her name is Northern Spirit of LDLines, but the local paper has her down as Norman Spirit. David

Doug Rogers
6th October 2005, 08:06
Thanks David for the confirmation...will catch up in due course no doubt!!.