Oceanic (III) 1928, White Star Line

Timothy Trower
15th November 2009, 23:12
For close to thirty years I've researched and studied the never-completed Oceanic (III), the first ship that would have exceeded 1,000 feet. Having recently finished a lengthy article on her for The Titanic Commutator I am now setting my thoughts on a new book length project.

That new information about this ship is still to be discovered is academic -- look at the recent discovery of film footage of the ship's keel from October 1928; and I've had additional snippets of information come to me in the past couple of months that could have had a place in the article, and that will certainly add to our collective knowledge of this ship when the next phase of my research is completed.

What I'm wondering is if there are others on this message board that share my enthusiasm for the Oceanic (III) or who just might have tidbits of information about the ship and her planning that would help better tell the story of this ship -- a vessel that would truly have been a masterpiece for the White Star Line, but that instead wound up as an unfinished dream.

Many thanks!

25th January 2010, 13:20
Hello, I'm also a fan of this ship that never ends.
I'm really a fan of all of White Star ships, I have no information about Oceanic, but I share the enthusiasm.

Mark Chirnside
25th January 2010, 17:11

If you can, read Tim's article. It's very informative and posters on this forum such as Tmac and myself contributed some small nuggets. Tim has been researching this ship for a long time and I am looking forward to seeing more of his work.

Best wishes,


29th January 2010, 12:30
Thanks Mark,
the truth is if it had been a great boat, could not complete it hurts.
And surely would have had a twin, they would have Mennecke Olympic ...

The other day I made a drawing of Oceanic, am very beautiful (Thumb)

Timothy Trower
5th June 2010, 00:38
Mark has underplayed the importance of the information that he and Tmac contributed to my research. Both men shared invaluable resources and time that made the completed article possible -- and my public thanks to both for their time and help.

29th July 2011, 01:48
I have lots of interest in the Oceanic (III). I would love to know more about what would have been the ship to begin one of the greatest transatlantic rivialries in history-the race between the RMS Queen Mary and SS Normandie.

12th November 2011, 13:03
Good afternoon. Thank you very much for your reply. And yet why, which was to destroy all the technical documentation concerning the liner RMMV Oceanic III? I can not understand! All the technical documentation concerning the project No. 844 should be retained. RMMV Oceanic III and RMS Colossic this would be masterpieces passenger shipbuilding! Floating Palaces. According to my information, a sistership RMMV Oceanic III was renamed RMS Colossic. The name was supposed to be new! Previously no liner White Star Line was not such a title. In addition the RMS Colossic should be turbohodom! Power of all his engines would be 200.000 horsepower! At the time the company Cunard Line had such an experiment on two of their ships: RMS Carmania and RMS Caronia. RMS Carmania was turbohodom, and RMS Caronia by steamship. RMMV Oceanic III was supposed to be diesel-Elektrohodom, and RMS Colossic turbohodom. All power to the engines and RMS Oceanic III RMMV Colossic was the same 200.000 horsepower. Thus likely both liner won prize of the blue riband. Please the RMMV Oceanic III how should have 12 decks? Or more? Or conversely less? And my second question should be on the Oceanic III Searchlights RMMV? And please name designers have developed, designed and propose this version liner? Look forward to your answers. With Respect to Sergey Ionov