Some puffer pics from the BBC

26th November 2009, 15:08

13th December 2009, 17:43
The one purporting to be Starlight is doubtful, looks more like the rear end of a VIC puffer.

13th December 2009, 20:46
I think R&M must be correct since the registration is Greenock. The only R&M photos I have in which the white band on the funnel is below bridge level are LImelight (Vic 23) and Polarlight of 1943 (Vic 26). However she has that curved feature on the poop which interrupts the rail which is not present in Limelight. Polarlight is in a group and that feature is hidden.

14th December 2009, 14:09
My correction, she has the WC on starboard quarter as Starlight and Skylight, could not see all the stern hence my previous comment.