GSNCo. 'Royal Sovereign' The last part of a Thames trip

13th December 2009, 09:47
Our Summer term aboard the Thames Training Ship 'HMS Worcester' terminated with the annual Prize Day. All parents joined the 'Royal Sovereign' at Tower Bridge to travel down the Thames where 'The Royal Sov." berthed alongside 'Worcester". After Prize giving Cadets joined the parents aboard "Royal Sov.' for the return to Tower Bridge berth. Always the highlight of the year.

I did the trip 4 times in all and each time the 'Royal Sovereign' turned off the entrance to Barking Creek and proceeded sternfirst all the way to the berth at Tower Bridge.

Can anyone confirm the spot where she turned was Barking Creek please ...?

I remember that there was a hell of a lot of froth - foam there from the sewer dumping its contents in the river ..


ray bloomfield
13th December 2009, 16:00
I can confirm that there was a sewerage plant near the mouth of Barking creek but its a long way from Tower pier to go stern first.

13th December 2009, 19:24
Thanks Ray ... yes I agree that it was a long way to go and thats what always amazed me ... first time I thought 'what a pity that was a shorter trip than I thought it would be' but then on we went ..... she had a bow rudder of course so it was basically no problem.

M. Moore
6th January 2010, 19:45
I sailed on the Royal Sov from Tower pier, what a long time ago that was.

6th January 2010, 22:21
i did a season on queen of the channel, she did the same turn, STORES

4th February 2014, 13:56
I did 53 summer season ROYAL DAFFODIL